Until You Drop

Shopping on the Vineyard is all about keeping it local and keeping it fresh. There are markets, shops and galleries. Browse small up-Island shops or make a day of the many storefronts in downtown Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs or Edgartown. You’ll find handmade jewelry, locally sourced food and a plethora of t-shirts and souvenirs — some with a famous Black Dog on them.


Though wampum’s the word when it comes to Martha’s Vineyard jewelry, seaglass is also a big hit. Island jewelers are infinitely inspired when it comes to crafting these local gems.

Books & Hobbies

There are plenty of bookstores on MV: some specialize in local authors, while others collect antique publications. You can also pick up music, art supplies, and more to fill up that sweet, sweet free time.


Whether it’s Edgartown prep, or Dumptique chic, the Vineyard can meet all your style needs. Downtown areas are safe shopping bets, but don’t neglect the funky fashion retailers up-Island.

Home & Garden

Garden the summer away by the sea, or take a little bit of your beach house back home. When it comes to beautiful plants, patio furniture, and unique home furnishings, the Vineyard is loaded.

 Local Secrets

The jewel of the Island

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The Wampanoag people of Martha’s Vineyard (originally called Noepe by the Wampanoag) have been crafting wampum out of the quahog shell (hard-shelled clam) for thousands of years. The purple and…

This Rainy Day has lasted 45 years

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Rainy Day has been giving Vineyarders a place to find . . . anything for 45 years. Owner Heather Kochin recently talked to The Times about her last couple decades. …