"I love to go walking through Menemsha Hills Reservation and end up on the rocky beach. Even if other people make the long trek to the beach, they seem to recognize that this resting body is meant not to be disturbed."

Jan Pogue

"I think my favorite place to walk, though, is Tradewinds because it is dog friendly and ever-changing with the seasons, probably doing a loop around Tradewinds, around Farm Pond, along the beach road and back through Harthaven."

Heather Goff

Walk This Way…

There are, at last count, some 115 parcels of conserved land on Martha’s Vineyard, constituting more than 13,000 acres. Not all of them have trails that are open to the public, but most of them do. Plus there are historic routes, paved bike paths, ancient ways, and just plain good walks around town.
All of which means that even if you move here year-round you won’t run out of trails to walk, ride, run, or hike. Put another way, wherever you are on the Island you are most likely not far from a good trail.

Run for it!

Are you a visitor on the run? Our friends at Great Runs have put together some helpful running routes across Martha’s Vineyard so you can get in some good excercise while exploring the Island.

Polly Hill Arboretum

Wakeman Center and Cranberry Acres

Meshacket Neck/Turkeyland Cove Park

Margaret K. Littlefield Greenlands

Englander Woods

The State Forest

West Chop Woods

Sheriff’s Meadow Sanctuary

Roth Woodlands

Quansoo Farm

Phillips Preserve

Packard Preserve

Ox Pond Meadow

Nat’s Farm

Middle Road Sanctuary

Huckleberry Barrens

Caroline Tuthill Preserve

Brookside Ridge Preserve

Brightwood Park

Mytoi Gardens, Trustees of Reservations, Chappaquiddick, Flowers, Alison Shaw


Kingsbury Fields

Little Field Preserve

Menemsha Neck Preserve

Sailors’ Burying Ground

Blue Barque Preserve

Ocean View Farm Preserve

Toad Rock Preserve

Southern Woodlands Reservation

John Presbury Norton Farm

Music Street Fields

Tiasquam Valley Reservation

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Felix Neck Preserve

Manaquayak Preserve

Chicama Vineyard

Paint Mill Brook Preserve

South Indian Hill Woodlands Preserve

Ben Toms Preserve

Tea Lane Farm

Little Duarte Pond Preserve

Thimble Farm

Blackwater Pond Reservation

Child Farm East

Crow Hollow Farm

Alison Shaw

Sweetened Water Preserve

Middle Line Woods Preserve

Weahtaqua Springs Preserve

Pennywise Preserve

Hillmans Point Preserve

Bare Hill Preserve

Child Farm West

Gay Head Moraine

Pecoy Point Preserve, Nature, Outdoors, Land Bank, Alison Shaw

Pecoy Point Preserve

Wilfrid’s Pond Preserve

Middle Ridge Preserve

Old County Arboretum

Peaked Hill Reservation

Sepiessa Point Reservation

Priester’s Pond Preserve

Trade Winds Preserve

Farm Pond Preserve

Square Field

Wapatequa Woods Reservation

Poucha Pond, Ralph Stewart

Poucha Pond Reservation

Waskosim’s Rock Reservation

Ripley Field Preserve

Wompesket Preserve

Ramble Trail Preserve

Three Ponds Reservation

Tisbury Meadow Preserve and The Good Farm

Aquinnah Headlands Preserve

Norton Fields Preserve

Katama, Nature, Outdoors, Alison Shaw

Katama Point Preserve

Fulling Mill Brook Preserve

Chilmark Pond Preserve