The Glasgows made a decision to leave the corporate world and farm. They had always been interested in food, and when they decided to make the transition, they had to learn to farm, ground up. Committed to sustainable practices, they are the only certified organic meat and dairy producer on the Island, and now offer the Island (and beyond) yummy cheeses, in addition to raw milk, meats and eggs at their farm stand, the family living amongst it all on beautiful pasture lands.


The Grey Barn is a small-scale, organic New England dairy farm. Owners Eric and Molly Glasgow along with their farm staff make their own organic cheeses, bottle their own certified organic raw milk, and raise organic pork, beef and eggs, all available at their farm stand, open daily. They took over farm in 2009 and revitalized what was a former working dairy until 1961, then a beef cattle operation, and now home to their 25 Dutch Belted cows grazing happily on acreage preserved for agricultural use. Grey Barn’s Eidolon, Prufrock and Bluebird cheeses are served in local restaurants and found at Whole Foods Markets, Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge and a number of other locations. See the farm on tour days or look for them Saturdays at the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market.

Additional Information

Farm tours several times a week, starting in May; Occasional cheese workshops, events and classes

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