Teresa Kruszewski’s perfect day includes enjoying a fresh cup of coffee on the deck of a sailboat. —Gabrielle Mannino

I would rise early to catch the first glimpse of the rising sun. Sitting on the deck of my sailboat, with a hot cup of (French press) coffee and my little dog by my side, we quietly welcome the day. After breakfast, I come ashore to spend time in the gallery. There I will have lively conversations with folks that drop by, as well as spend time working on my current personal project.

In the afternoon, I close up the gallery and take a bike ride up to Aquinnah. This ride not only feels great but also clears my mind. The open road gives me the opportunity to run scenarios on how to make each art project come together. It’s amazing how many aha! moments have happened during these rides.

I might stop at a farm stand or two to get some fresh fruit, and of course at the end, ice cream. That is the only real reason to ride.

In the evening, I’ve returned to the boat with my buddy. After dinner we’ll sit out on the deck to watch the sun set and reflect on the day, before retiring with a nice glass of red wine and a good book … with dreams of sailing tomorrow.