“I’m lucky enough to stay with my in-laws when I’m here, and for me, it’s the way we all wake up together, make breakfast, and there’s always enough eggs for everybody. Then we decide to go out on my father-in-law’s boat, and everybody gets in the car right when we said we would. And we get on the boat and there are no arguments. We go back to the house and my father-in-law sings karaoke with the karaoke setup he has, and I like each and every song equally. And at the end of the day, everyone says, ‘That was a perfect day. I had no issue with anything that we did.’”

–Seth Meyers at the 2019 M.V. Book Festival


“I have to be at the beach. Or by the water. I love South Beach. I love sailing, bike riding, and everything that comes with summers here. The Vineyard is home to my happiest childhood memories. I love doing nothing, staring at the water, and taking in this beautiful Island. As a kid, sometimes you don’t realize how special a place is until you go away.”

–Chelsea Handler at the 2019 M.V. Book Festival