Ocean Park, Gazebo, Oak Bluffs, Alison Shaw

The perfect summer day on Martha’s Vineyard. I would go to Linda Jeans for breakfast. Their home fries are awesome. Then I would head to Owen Park for a couple hours and catch some crabs, be careful the blue, green, and red crabs pinch hard but the spider crabs don’t pinch as hard. Afterward I would go Mini Golfing. If you get a hole in one you go to the front desk and say which hole you got it on, they let you pick a golf ball out of a bucket and if you pick the golf ball with the number get a ticket that is worth one free round of mini golf for one person.

For lunch I’d go the Thai place (Bangkok Cuisine) in Oak Bluffs they have very good service and yummy noodles. The next thing I would do is fly a kite in Ocean Park if it were windy. If not I’d go across the road to the beach and collect sea shells or watch the water. After that I’d go to the Game Room and play loads of games for example the Wizard of Oz game. Here is how you play, it is like the money drop game only the Wizards of Oz game there is a little pointer you press a button and coins come flying out and knock other coins of and the coin hits other coins out of the machine. There are little metal coins and poker chips. The green chips are worth 5 tickets, the red are worth 20 tickets and if you get a card it is worth 50 tickets. When you collect all the cards they are worth 5,000 tickets p.s. the puppy card is the hardest to get.

In the evening I would go to Menemsha, you can go fishing in two places there. I would recommend you eat at the Menemsha Galley; they have awesome food and ice-cream cones. Then I would go the beach and swim, dig a hole, or even ride on a boogie board. That’s what I call a fun day on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer.