Sheriff’s Meadow Says: Quansoo Farm lies on the great outwash plain of Chilmark. The Farm’s 146 acres of meadow, field and forest stretch to the shores of Black Point Pond to the south and Tisbury Great Pond to the east. With the Atlantic surf audible, a near-constant wind sculpts the trees of Quansoo into shapes beautiful and grotesque. Many features make this landscape distinctive: the meadows of little bluestem, the wide-open hayfields, the antique Mayhew-Hancock-Mitchell House, the forests of oak and hickory and shadbush and sassafras.

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Getting there: At the sign on South Road marking the boundary between Chilmark and West Tisbury, travel up-Island 0.5 mile to the unmarked Quansoo Road. Take a left at Quansoo Road. Follow Quansoo Road 1.4 miles to the trailhead. Be careful to bear left at the Quenames Road fork (found 0.5 mile down the Quansoo Road) and at the Black Point Road fork (found 1.1 miles down the Quansoo Road). From October 1 through May 31, additional parking is available at Quansoo Preserve.

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