Menemsha, Sunset, Steve Myrick

“My ideal day on the Vineyard begins with fresh, homemade Humphrey donuts. I remember going to the rustic, run-down little bakery on the side of the road with white washed floors and mint-green chairs. All year I dreamt about those sugar-covered crawlers. Kids barefoot, teens sun-kissed and adults laid-back and fancy-free, this place overflowed with charm.

After Humphrey’s, my ideal day would follow with a bike ride on Lambert’s Cove Road, and maybe stopping at Ice House pond for a quick swim to cool off. Then off to Clam Cove with the family for a sail out in Menemsha pond, the most beautiful place on earth. My dad always used to tell us when we were little that it was “god’s land.” I’ve been sailing there since I can remember and it’s one of my favorite spots in the world. Over the years, people have changed, grown older or passed away, but Menemsha pond is always there to greet me each summer with tranquil waters and a peaceful sail. To end a perfect day, I pick up some fresh bluefish at Larson’s, caught that morning, and enjoy the sunset out on the docks. With my feet in the water, salt in my curls, and peace in my heart, I think to myself: this really is god’s land. “