Photo of lighthouse by Robin Gottesman

“A perfect day at home does not mean fighting the crowds or tuning out the noises of the world. The wonder of The Vineyard is that you can escape from everything while still being so close to life. My favorite days are in mid-September, when the weather is still warm but there is an ocean breeze to remind you of where you are. The Island is quiet, but not quite desolate – which for all intents and purposes means that all of the restaurants and stores are still open.

With a day to wander around, I’d start with breakfast at State Road in West Tisbury (solely because their hash is to die for). I’d then go to Oak Bluffs and sit along Lagoon Pond to watch the traffic lazily cross the bridge. Once my toes start to wrinkle from sitting in the water, or I’ve lost interest in skipping rocks I’d head back up-Island to enjoy the comforts of home. A garden blooming with early fall veggies is waiting and ready to be picked and eaten. Some grilling is necessary, then I’d take a must deserved rest on the hammock to digest. Feeling absolutely full I’d pack up a bottle of wine and a big tapestry and head to the beach where the sunset is sure to be worthwhile. I’d want to cuddle up and watch the last few rays disappear. A day like that, and I’d be one happy Islander.”