Formerly the Look estate, Flat Point Farm has been in the Fischer family since 1939. Like many of the farms of that era, Flat Point was operated as a dairy by Arnold Fischer. When the dairy market declined in the 1960s, Arnold turned to raising sheep and beef, and growing hay in the good quality soil the farm was endowed with. Flat Point is a multi-generational farm that sits on prized land overlooking the Tisbury Great Pond. The family believes strongly in conserving the land as open space for future generations and has recently placed 40 acres of the original 116 acres into conservation, allowing the family to continue to farm but preventing development. Arnie Fischer Jr. and sister Eleanor Neubert raise grass-fed beef, lamb and poultry and have a coop of laying hens, operating the farm as a labor of love rather than a strict agricultural business. The younger members of the family, Emily Fischer and Doug Brush, have branched out into making goat’s milk soap, and sister Lila now raises quail.

This article by Bella Bennett originally appeared on mvtimes.com.