Summer days are the most carefree days of the year. For a brief, precious moment, we’re no longer constrained by schedules, mundane responsibilities, habitual routines, and the self-imposed guilt of laziness. For a short and blessed moment, we are granted permission to leave our “doing” mode and drop into a simple carefree “beingness.”

Summer days offer permission to get off the carousel and just be. And that is good, soul-refreshing remembrance of sweet childlike freedom and ease. For me, the morning is often slow, starting with exercise, meditation, and a cup of hot chocolate, enjoyed in the morning sun. Progressively, as the daily sun peaks and softens, a certain “healthy” and respectable laziness sets it. Perhaps it’s time in the hammock reading, meandering down roads, an afternoon nap, or easeful moments of reflection and contemplation.

My mind slows down, body relaxes, the “doer” dissolves for a precious moment, and being, just being present and alive in this miracle of the day, is a cause for gratitude. Laziness in these summer days does not feel like a moral diversion, but rather like a natural fusion with the rhythm and pace of the day.

I allow, or perhaps I can say surrender, to these carefree moments, wondering why this sweetness of life is reserved for summer days. I wonder, can life be a sweet summer day year-round — even in the midst of outer “doings and the inevitable challenges of life”? Can laziness be a special and necessary virtue, opening up inner insights, creativity, communions with nature and others? Is it possible to be carefree and spacious inside while accomplishing one’s day-to-day tasks outside? Is this dear time an intermission from life as usual, or is it teaching me something far more profound? Perhaps, if I could just listen carefully to the whispering beauty of “being,” I might learn something quite profound about life.

Back now to a sweet nap, a glass of Chardonnay, the joy of carefree simplicity, and guiltless laziness.