The COVID 19 virus sure changed a lot of our favorite things to do, but not all of them. Typically, there would be at least one final beach gathering pre-sunset at one of our favorite places go for a late afternoon dip, bringing along some bubbly and good beach food (all and any food at the beach seems to fit this category) and then watch, if we get lucky, for that sunset that would take your breath away. Well, instead of larger crowds of our friends who all have late August or September birthdays, when we would gather as a group of 25 or so, we are now social distancing in a small group of four to six. We toast to our health, we toast to our great country, praying that it will heal soon, and not soon enough.

As the season fades and turns, I will also toast to everyone at MVH and WNR for their un-relentless passion for caring for our community and for each other, trying not to get too melancholy that we can’t all gather together without masks, so that we can have a real face-to- face celebration to mark the nearing end of summer, with food involved of course. Until then, we’ll mark the days by our continued comradery, teamwork, and spirit, and celebrate all things we cherish on Martha’s Vineyard, even if only in our minds and hearts. And by the sunsets.