The best thing about the pandemic is being with a partner you love spending time with, and sharing the many beauties that come with living among islands. My wife Eleanor and I have almost always managed to be on the water for a sail Labor Day weekend, often with friends. This year it will be just the two of us.

There are some things you can always count on, like the advent of perfect fall weather which always starts on Labor Day weekend, always in the company of clear blue skies and blooming asters. The harbor greets us in the crisp air, and our dear sailboat awaits patiently on her mooring: our magic carpet ready to steal us away. We cast off under sail and silently make our way out among the many pleasure boats. Passing close along the breakwater, we are always greeted by waving beachgoers who feel the magic and beauty of sails passing close by. We strike out into the sound to head across toward the Elizabeth Islands, and find a quiet, secluded cove to drop anchor in.

Time takes on a different meaning as we pass the day in silent peace, solitude, and natural beauty … resting and watching the birds or occasional seal, the changing light on land, sky, and water. Eventually we raise anchor and set sail for home. With a brisk SW wind, we sweep into the harbor, with all hailing the sun setting on the most perfect of all the summer days.