Having lived here since 1977, I find that being satisfied with simple joys is crucial to living happily on Martha’s Vineyard.

A perfect late summer day would mean an early start on a crisp, sunny dawn that evokes the lazy autumn days ahead. Breakfast would be coffee with an English muffin, brought to perfection by a dollop of Linda Alley’s pink grapefruit marmalade. Then there might be a long and glorious walk at Cedar Tree Neck or Fulling Mill Brook, camera in hand to catch the slant of the sun.

There are always projects, so the afternoon might be spent in the studio developing film or scanning negatives. A late afternoon nap with the cats is required, regardless of the day of the week. Dinner would probably be a steaming pot of sweet, fresh-picked Morning Glory Farm corn with salt and butter, enjoyed on the screened porch as the sun goes down. Then, if the mood is right, there might be something on Netflix.

Before COVID-19, Labor Day was a day to collapse and relax after an arduous three-day selling marathon at the Vineyard Artisans Festival at the Ag Hall. A celebratory trip to a restaurant might have been in order. This year there was no Artisans show, and a restaurant may not be in the picture until 2022.