A perfect day in the summer on Martha’s Vineyard would start off by going to State Road Restaurant in West Tisbury for breakfast. My favorite restaurant. I love their bacon! After, I would go to State beach or Owen Park. At Owen Park I go crabbing. There are tons of spider crabs and fish to be caught! If you go to State Beach, you could swim out to the sand bar. The water feels nice and cool in the hot weather. Maybe even go paddle boarding!

Afterward you can head to Dairy Queen in Edgartown. An awesome ice cream place! Tip: if you want something delicious get the triple berry smoothie or the mint Oreo blizzard. In the evening drive into Oak Bluffs and go to the Flying Horses Carousel and the Game Room. The Flying Horses are fantastic! You’re on a horse, big or small going around in a circle catching rings. If you catch the brass ring at the end you win a free ride and you can go again for free.

After a couple of rides I recommend you go to the Game Room on Circuit Avenue. You get a card with money on it. Each game has its own price. You swipe your card and play the game. My all time favorite is the Wizard of Oz game. You press a button and the machine spits out coins, which makes plastic chips fall. If you get a green chip that’s 5 points, if you get a red chip that’s 20 points, and if you get a card they are 50 points! If you think that’s cool guess what, if you get all seven of the different cards you get 5,000 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you cash them in and you get that many points added to your card!! At the end you can use your points to buy candy or other prizes. For dinner go to Giordano’s for some tasty pizza or clams. For a special treat after that you can go to the Candy Bazaar in Edgartown. They have candy for only 5 cents!!!!!!!!!! At the end you have tons of different candy! That’s the perfect day on Martha’s Vineyard!

–Ciara Hoyt is in Grade 5, at the Oak Bluffs School