From the Land Bank‘s Website:

Located on the down-slope of Abel’s Hill, this property offers high and long views of the Chilmark Lower Pond and the Atlantic Ocean. A lone, plaintive oak — whose backdrop is the barrier beach’s dune — inhabits the grassy field at pond edge. The canoe drop is sited near the pond’s vortex, providing a wide view for birders. Also owned by the Land Bank are two stretches of Atlantic Ocean beach; access is via canoe and kayak only, which visitors themselves must supply. Private beaches are adjacent and signs indicate the limits of public ownership.

Getting There: Start at the intersection of the South Road and the Meetinghouse Road. Travel 0.8 miles in the direction of Aquinnah; preserve is located on left. Be careful to use only the driveway marked by the Land Bank logo; all others are private. Parking and access are limited and visitors may have to be turned away; please have an alternate destination in mind if you are planning a trip to this property. Ocean beaches can be accessed only via canoe and kayak (0.2 miles across the pond); be sure to land only on the marked Land Bank beaches.