Ordinarily, Diane and I would be trying to plan for one or another of our boys to visit us. Our family activities would surround meals and activities such as going to the beach with our grandson, or taking a hike on one of the many Vineyard trails. We would be grilling swordfish for dinner, and enjoying the last of the summer light and warmth. However, 2020 has changed most of that. Today, with COVID looming over all aspects of life, Diane and I might go to the beach by ourselves, with Diane’s favorite, sushi, in our picnic basket, and enjoy a few hours of peace by the sea with a good book, which might not even be read as we contemplate summer’s end and what the fall will likely bring.

Hopefully, it would still end with swordfish on the grill (Do you see a pattern here?), and a socially distanced cocktail in our backyard with some friends. Having to deal with the realities of COVID has deepened my appreciation for the many social interactions I used to take for granted.