From the Land Bank’s Page for the Preserve: Much variety here: woodlands in the reservation’s southerly end segue into open fields — some high and some low — in the middle tier and these, finally, segue into deeply shaded wetlands along the Mill Brook at the northerly end. Remnants of the 17th century homestead of James Allen, the first patentee of Tisbury, are found in the fields: a capstone over an abandoned well, a cellar hole, stone stairs, a paddock, all in various states of desuetude. Eerily perched atop one of the ridges is the Waskosim’s Rock itself, a boulder whose shape and location have long figured in Wampanoag and more recent island history. The rock marked the beginning of the “Middle Line,” a stone wall boundary running to the Menemsha Pond in order to separate English and Wampanoag lands in the mid-1600s.

Getting there: The preserve straddles the town line between Chilmark and West Tisbury on the North Road. The entrance is the first left on the Chilmark side.

For more information, visit the official Land Bank Website.  Also, be sure to check out their cool map.