A perfect Martha’s Vineyard day, and I have had a few, would start on a sun-filled spring morning, arriving by boat, to the Vineyard Haven harbor. I love springtime on the Island. The air has a sharpness and the right blend of morning dew. The roads are clear, the restaurants are open, and there are just the right amount of people to make you feel you have left America and come home. Blueberry pancakes at the Art Cliff Diner, without waiting on line, and a purchase at Midnight Farm, are the perfect way to recapture the Martha Vineyard Swagger.

Riding a bike from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown would occupy my afternoon. As always, I will seek out and rent my bike from Mr. Anderson’s Bike rental. Except for lecturing me about the evils of being a Yankee fan, Mr. Anderson has always represented what is right about Martha’s Vineyard … welcoming, happy and always there. The bike ride along the beach to Edgartown, wind blowing, the smell of sea air, in spring when you have the road to yourself, will always wash away the stress of life.

Martha’s Vineyard is many things to many people, but for me, it always was a renewal of spirit, friendship and family. A place to remember the ancestral wellspring from whence you have come and the hope and possibilities of what you can achieve. So the evening would find me having dinner at Atria surrounded by friends and family, having good conversation, good laughs and great love.

— Stephan Dweck, an attorney from New York City, has been visiting Martha’s Vineyard for many years.