“Wake up at dawn and run on the path to South beach to catch a glimpse of the sun rising. Or start the day with an invigorating and inspiring yoga class at Yoga Barn/co-housing/Yoga Haven. Cook a beautiful breakfast with fresh produce bought at the farmer’s market. Relax for a bit and then take a gentle hike at Cedar Tree Neck or if kids are along for the day, adventure over to the Flying Horses just to see the smiles on their faces, and yours. With beach bag already packed, begin the drive up island with a quick stop at the package store for a couple bottles of wine (for later). Stop at the Scottish Bakehouse for lunch/dinner and goodies and then off to the beach, preferably one with beautiful cliffs, not so many people and a view of the sunset. Ideally, our friends would meet us there and we would spend the rest of the day eating, drinking, playing, swimming and relaxing. Watch the sunset while drinking wine and feeling grateful for such a beautiful place.”